Schedule of Classes

37 Jalan Pemimpin #02-08 Mapex, S577177

Monday7.30pm to 9.30pmProphecy 102 (Olivet Discourse)
Starts on January 15, 2018
Classes held at Bukit Panjang Gospel Chapel 12, Galistan Avenue (opposite Phoenix LRT), S669686
Tuesday10.00am to 12.30pmProphecy 301 (Joel & Zephaniah)
Starts March 20, 2018
7.30pm to 9.30pmRomans 101
Starts January 16, 2018
Wednesday10.00am to 12.30pmOT Survey of Major Prophets – Isaiah
Continues with Isaiah 40 on March 21, 2018
7.30pm to 9.30pmProphecy 301 (Joel & Zephaniah)
Starts March 21, 2018
Friday10.00am to 12.30pmOT Survey of Ezekiel
Starts on January 19, 2018
Saturday3.00pm to 4.00pmReading God’s Word – ONGOING
The Book of Romans – now at Chapter 9
4.15 pm to 6.00 pmEntrusting the Word Ekklesia (ETWE) – ONGOING
Various scriptures

* New classes start from Monday, January 15, 2018
* No classes on Public Holidays / June Holiday break


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