Basic Inductive Bible Study Skills



B-101 Obadiah
B-102 Philemon
B-103 Haggai
B-104 Jude
B-201 2 Peter
B-202 Philippians
B-203 Colossians

Course Objectives:

The purpose of these courses is train the students to obtain an overview a book so that they can interpret the truths of God’s Word within the CONTEXT of their times.

What you will learn?

Using the same IBS skills learnt from the Introduction, students will learn to do an overview of the passage and glean its essential message. Students will learn to evaluate Scripture objectively and not subjectively, with the result that they will learn to let Scripture interpret Scripture.

Target Audience

  1. Any believer who wants to be stretched in their understanding of the Scriptures
  2. All those who have done the Introduction to IBS
  3. Those with training in IBS learnt from other ministries

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