A Brief History

Entrusting the Word (ETW) is a Bible-teaching ministry which conducts classes on Bible books with an emphasis on the original languages. Worked into them are the inductive study principles of letting the Word of God speak for itself. From time to time, we organise Inductive Study Workshops to train people to dig into the Word for themselves and Trainers’ Workshops to train others to pass on the Inductive Study skills. “Entrusting the Word to the Faithful” is our motto.

We believe in equipping the saints and so it is immaterial whether they use ETW materials or other Bible Study materials, as long as God’s Word is taught in such a way that people will reverence the Lord (Psalm 119:38). Another aim is to help, in whatever ways possible, other ministries who uphold and submit to the authority of Scripture and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Because the Scriptures speak of some prophecies which the church will fulfill in the last days (Matthew 24:14; Mark 13:10; Revelation 7:9-17 predict a great end-time harvest), ETW also strives to prepare God’s people in respect to this area of Discipleship which includes evangelism and follow-up of new believers. There are also practical aspects in the light of the recent disasters that continue to plague our world, and we would love to dialogue with concerned people in respect to this area and come up with practical plans as well.

Entrusting the Word was registered as a Society on May 7, 2007. ETW’s principal teacher is Cecilia Perh. Details on how the Ministry started and how it has evolved can be found in Early Beginnings & 2 Tim 2-2 under About ETW.